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Bringing people together to build communities live or virtually and creating experiences is the DNA of our company.

MCI is an independently owned agency headquartered in Geneva, Switzerland and globally present in 31 countries. For several decades, we have empowered associations, companies and brands to activate their employees, channel partners, customers and members. We accomplish this by creating face-to-face, hybrid and digital experiences.

MCI was founded in 1987 by Roger Tondeur and Ursula Wigert with the vision of creating strong connections between people.


Our teams around the world would love to support you on your next conference be it live or virtual, corporate event, meeting, association management project, digital marketing and data needs – wherever that may be.

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As a company with a global and local reach, we have the means to accelerate change and to promote a sustainable and inclusive society. Guided by the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDG’s), our business mindset goes hand in hand with our humanist intent.

By integrating sustainable practices to our services, we can reduce costs, enhance the participant’s experience, improve environmental footprint, and leave a powerful social legacy in the community and for future generations.  

We invite you to browse through our sustainability report to learn more about our commitments and how together we can accelerate change.

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