All Around the Block: Special Report on Group Bookings

All Around the Block: Special Report on Group Bookings | MCI Group | EN

The MICE housing model is changing. Booking windows are shrinking, room blocks are coming apart, and every stakeholder in the process — housing bureaus, meeting planners, hotels, and delegates themselves — has more information about rates and availability than ever before.

But more information doesn’t automatically translate into more intelligence. Based on original research conducted by our Business Intelligence Unit, this report offers for the first time a comparative analysis of rates and shop times for MICE hotels in 20 main destinations in Europe, the Americas, and Asia-Pacific/Middle East.

The report breaks this information down not just into an overall average rate for each city but into rates for two distinct MICE categories, luxury and healthcare, as well as the optimal time to book.

The research is paired with insights from MCI experts in each region: 

  • For Europe:

 Jodie Torriani, Head of Global Procurement and Sourcing Strategy

  • For the Americas:

 André Carvalhal, Managing Director, MCI Brazil           

 Shawn Pierce, President of Strategic Events, Meetings & Incentives, MCI USA

  • For Asia-Pacific/Middle East:

 Oscar Cerezales, COO Asia-Pacific

                                  To download the report, please fill in the form.

Click here to download 'Is 7 the New 10?', a companion piece to 'All Around the Block' featuring interviews with four of our global talents about the evolution — and possible disintegration — of the group commission model. 


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