Is Your Association as Agile as It Needs to Be?

Is Your Association as Agile as It Needs to Be? | MCI Group | EN

As market conditions change, associations are forced to continuously innovate and respond to the changing expectations of members, customers, and delegates.

In the fourth quarter of 2018, MCI ran a research study into future-proof associations.The purpose was to find out the biggest disruptions they are facing, the impact they have had on their organisation and the concrete actions they are taking to shape their future.

63% of the respondents said their organisations had already taken steps to shape their future. To the question ‘what initiative(s) have you taken so far to stay ahead of the game?’, the top three answers were creating a culture of change and rethinking the way it’s always been done (64%), encouraging new ideas and approaches (45%) and adopting new programs, initiatives and tools (40%).

Where does your association stand? What does digital transformation mean to your organisation?

Download for free the infographic and reach out to explore how we can help future-proof your organisation 

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