8 Ways Associations Can Attract and Engage Young Professionals

8 Ways Associations Can Attract and Engage Young Professionals | MCI Group | EN

Calendar icon October, 31 2019

For associations, driving membership growth means organisational success. But with social media and new technologies as the competition, it’s become more challenging to convert prospects into full-fledged members. So how can associations remain relevant and successfully attract young professionals?

In the past, being a member of a professional association was considered the norm. If you wanted to practice a profession, you were expected to join an association – in some cases, it was even necessary. 

Then came the internet and social media. Networking with peers is just a click away thanks to LinkedIn, and many of the services traditionally provided by associations can now be found for free online. For this reason, associations are facing more competition than ever and are failing to attract and engage younger members – those millennials who are the largest generation in the workforce. 

Millennials represent the future for associations; as baby boomers reach retirement age and subsequently cancel their membership, younger people have more years of membership value and can fill in the association’s ranks. They are also a much more diverse generation – bringing fresh perspectives to the organisation. 

However, attracting this new generation is no easy feat and they are less likely to join an association than previous generations. Here are 8 ways to successfully reinvigorate your association, establish your value and engage young professionals.


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Benedetta Fadini

Benedetta Fadini
Benedetta Fadini

Benedetta is a Content Creator with a passion for storytelling and new technologies. She covers stories on the latest innovations in the event industry with lots of research and a pinch of humour.

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