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MCI Ireland had the pleasure of working with Facebook Ireland on their Summer Party, from conceptualisation to delivery. Created for 3000 Facebook talents and guests, the goal was to create a visually impactful and entertaining event experience that embodied Facebook’s bold and diverse culture. Imagination and endless creativity were the tools used by the MCI Irish team to bring this summer extravaganza to life. 

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Tasty, a summer festival like no other, was inspired by the five tastes; Salty, Bitter, Sour, Sweet and Umami. Each taste was represented by its own specially curated zone: Día de Los Muertos, Trailer Park, Little Tokyo, Museum of Candy and Umami Main Stage. While the premise of Tasty focused on a sense of taste as the central theme, the other four senses of touch, sight, hearing and smell were activated and integrated into the event design, creating a truly immersive experience that excited and delighted attendees in equal measure.

festival festival festival festival

Creating Tasty'Logo

A colourful and energetic event calls for an equally bold logo that reflects the mood of the evening. After a few sketches, one of MCI Ireland’s creative team members had an idea in mind, something new and perfectly suited to the concept. Taking inspiration from the Rolling Stones logo and plenty of research, the Tasty logo was born. Representing the tongue’s five tastes of salty, sour, sweet, bitter and umami, each zone at the festival had its own variation of the logo. Seeing the logo come to life at the Tasty Festival was a great moment for the whole MCI Ireland team, but especially for the creative department that put in the long hours to provide the festival with identity through this bold logo. 

festival festival

By designing and curating such a multi-sensory journey for the guests, MCI Ireland delivered to Facebook an experience that was an edgy celebration of flavours and culture. The “WOW” factor was guaranteed.

Event Highlights

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