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When a leading Canadian corporate contacted Ovation Switzerland’s office they didn’t realise just how much the landlocked country had to offer for their next incentive trip. Over fifty top sellers joined the event held in late-May to experience the best of this little-considered central European MICE destination.

As employees of a high performing multinational, these top sellers were some of the most well-travelled and experienced incentive travellers you can find. Having already visited many of Europe and North America’s popular incentive destinations, wowing them was not an easy feat. It was up to picturesque Switzerland and the creativity of the Ovation Switzerland office to showcase how much the country had to offer. 


The first part of their trip to Switzerland included a 2-night stay at the fabulous five-star hotel Fairmont Montreux Palace. For the welcome dinner, the Ovation team opted for the amazing location of Lake Geneva, overlooking 3000-meter peaks.

For a unique lunch excursion, guests travelled on a private cogwheel train to reach their lunch destination, a chalet previously occupied by pop stars such as Ronnie Wood from Rolling Stones, Prince, David Bowie and many more. The location, only accessible to selected groups, allowed guests to step into a piece of music’s history, even if just for lunch!

incentive tripincentive trip

The following day, it was time to travel across the mountains and along the lakes in a private Swiss train, heading to the city of Lucerne. After exploring the medieval city on foot, the participants boarded a boat tour to the Instagrammable and exclusive Bürgenstock Resort.

incentive tripincentive trip

The gala dinner was the highlight of the trip, starting from the terraces of the hotel overlooking the crystal-clear water of the lake, surrounded by snow-capped mountains. The group then embarked on a short cruise by a private and custom-made yacht. After that, the main event began in a century-old mansion on the lakeshore.

incentive tripincentive trip

Guests enjoyed a delicious four-course dinner, 3 different musical acts and a visit from Freddy Mercury himself in the form of a hologram!

incentive tripincentive trip

A grand firework show wrapped up the memorable evening, followed by an after-party on the yacht, cruising back to the five-star superior resort.

Watch the video with the highlights of this incentive trip:

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