Conference & Community Development

Modern technologies give infinite opportunities to increase the scale of any event. Nowadays, communities come together both in physical and digital ways.

MCI conference design experts are experienced in bringing together large-scale communities and audiences.  We help you to connect, make the connections with all the audience in your eco system and help you to facilitate the investment.

We enable you to bring together like-minded individuals so they can connect, network and be inspired to stimulate your growth and make an impact.


  • Conference and Event Design and Strategy
  • Conference and Event Licensing
  • Live and Virtual Community Platforms
  • Sponsorships and Income Generation
  • Creative, Branding and Digital Marketing
  • Digital Transformation & Engagement
  • Technology Consulting
  • Video Production and Webcast Streaming
  • Registration and Subscription Revenues
  • Speaker and Programme Management
  • Audience Generation


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